1. Be a fan of Ein for Cowboy Bebop. This is a given.
  2. To join, you need to submit your name, country and valid email address. All email addresses in the database are protected against spam bots. You'll never receive emails from the fanlisting unless it moves to a new location.
  3. Please submit a reasonable name, as in one or two words, that's not excessive long or childish, and without a bunch of numbers.
  4. If you submit a website, please submit a website that belongs to you. Livejournals & other blogs are OK.
  5. If you have a website, please put up a code to link back here. Having a website is not a requirement, but it's a great way to show support. Plus, many people just like collecting fanlisting codes and displaying them.

You've read the rules, now go join! =D