Bounty Hunters

This section briefly discusses the relationship between Ein and the other protagonists of the Bebop. Basics are not mentioned, as you can find general character info at any of the websites in our Links section.

Spike Spiegel
Spike claims to hate animals, pets, and women. Yet somehow, all three end up on the ship. Despite what he says, Spike is probably fond of Ein. Watanabe himself has stated that Spike os not very straightforward in his emotions of noting those that he likes. His actions demonstrate things better. In Episode 2, when Ein escapes the criminal's car and jumps off a bridge, Spike chooses to let go of the nice reward on a bounty he's chasing to save Ein, even if he was complaining about it. In Episode 11, when Ein gets bitten by the blob, Spike tells him to "Hang in there", carries him protectively, and bandages his wound.

Jet Black
Before Ed comes into the picture, Ein takes a shine to Jet first. Jet is the one who gives him a collar and takes care of him (bathing and feeding). This preference is the most logical choice, as Jet is a caretaker among the ship's crew and far more likely to be compassionate to Ein over Spike and Faye. In Episode 23, Ein saves Jet's life (as Jet was about to be brainwashed by the scratch computer networkby) by biting him and snapping him out of his shock. Jet, despite being wounded afterwards, acknowledges Ein's efforts.

Faye Valentine
It's hard to find evidence of how the captivating but impetuous Faye feels about the pet dog. There's little interaction between them shown on TV. Like the rest of the crew, she seems to overlook proof of his intellect. One hilarious scene involves Faye finding a can of dog food in the ship's fridge, and then eating as Ein watches (thinking it was for him), as she talks about how those who work will eat. (You can youtube it!) By the end of the series, Faye realizes that the Bebop is her only home. Thus, the departure of Ed, Ein, and [especially] Spike must greatly sadden her.

Edward and Ein are extrememly well matched for eachother and are almost always by eachothers' side. An eccentric prodigy hacker is probably the best owner for this highly intelligent data dog. Ed recognizes Ein's comprehension and skills, and Ed's oddball behavior is probably very entertaining to Ein. Ed often speaks to Ein, with Ein answering in barks. Ed also tries to explain Ein's opinions to the crew, though this is ignored. In Episode 17, they adventure together to capture a bounty and bring back food. In Episode 23, Ed realizes Ein is the one hacking perfectly into a network, and she just smiles, sits back and watches contently. In Episode 24, Ed decides to the leave the ship, and after a hard decision, Ein decides to follow her.