Episode Guide


Did all this talk about Cowboy Bebop make you want to watch the series again right now? Are you hankering to see that one pisode where that thing happens, but you don't remember which one? Refer to this handy Episode List to aid you.

01 Asteroid Blues

Jet and Spike hunt for a dealer who slings Red Eye, a violence-inducing liquid drug that is sprayed onto one's eyes. Spike meets a mysterious pregnant women. It turns out, she's the accomplice of the bounty head, and her belly actually conceals a Red Eye shipment. After a harrowing fight between Spike and the target, the woman and the dealer take off in their spaceship. Her last melancholy words before the ship blows is "Adios Cowboy."

02 Stray Dog Strut

The first appearance of Ein! Spike comes into possession of a suitcase containing Ein, a data dog that is still being pursue by the scientists and investors who enhanced him. Action ensues. Ein makes his home on the Bebop.

03 Honky Tonk Women

Spike and Jet stumble across Faye Valentine, a wanted criminal, in a casino on Mars. Faye is more than a handful, holding her own against them and the others who are after her as well. Faye is involved in a shady deal involving a secret microchip. Whose side is she really on?

04 Gateway Shuffle

Spike and Jet come up against an eco-terrorist group known as the 'Space Warriors.' Their leader is worth a cool 25 million, something Spike and Jet can't resist. But the group's leader has plans of her own, and if the government of Ganymede doesn't agree to her demands, she'll use an experimental virus on them all!

05 Ballad of Fallen Angels

Spike's past comes back to haunt him as he goes after a member of the Red Dragon Syndicate. But, as Jet soon learns, it's a setup. And in order for Spike to survive-and rescue the impetuous Faye as well-he will have to face his old friend and comrade, Vicious, alone.

06 Sympathy for the Devil

Spike battles a kid who doesn't age or die. The kid is evil, and has been trapping men to use as a cover guardian. His powers come from a horrible spacegate accident almsot a century ago. Spike defeats him by shooting him in the head with a stone that restores time to him. The child's body whithers away and dies of old age.

07 Heavy Metal Queen

Spike befriends an infamous female trucker named VT, who hates bounty hunters. Together, through chance, they encounter Spike's target and engage in a deadly space truck collision. To save themselves, Spike performs an amazing feat in space involving guns and sheer luck. He then wins a bet with VT, figuring out her real name, though his knowledge of her late husband, a respected bounty hunter friend of his.

08 Waltz for Venus

The crew goes to Venus following a bounty. Spike takes a liking to a young man named Roco. They visit to Roco's blind sister, whose illness (caused by Venus' environment) is why Roco must work for the mob. Unfortunately, Roco is the bounty. Spike new protege is killed by the mob in the explosive fights that follow.

09 Jamming with Edward

The crew of the Bebop encounter the genius hacker known as Ed. Bored with hacking, Ed wants to join the Bebop's crew, but they really don't want a kid tagging along and getting in the way. So Ed sets out to change their minds....

10 Ganymede Elegy

Jet returns to his home city and sees Alisa, the woman who left him for unknown reasons. Her new boyfriend is wanted for a bounty. It turns out the reason Alisa left Jet was that he was too controlling, and she desired independence. Even if it meant making her own mistakes. A water/air chase ensues. Spike leaves them to allow Jet to take care of his unfinished business.

11 Toys in the Attic

One of Ava's favorite episodes! A strange black blob is on the Bebop. One by one, it attacks the crew members, causing them to fall unconcious. Spike deduces that the source is the rotten lobster he left in the fridge for a year. After a flamethrower battle with blob, Spike ejects the dangerous fridge into space, and gets knocked out. Ed is the final victor: she eats the blob, thus, defeating it.

12 Jupiter Jazz, Part One

Faye abandons the Bebop, stealing their money and heading to a cold moon of Saturn. In a desolate town where there are no women, she meets Gren, a jazz player at the local bar. Soon though, she discovers Gren has a big secret, and his tragic past involves a betrayal by Vicious.

13 Jupiter Jazz, Part Two

A faceoff between Spike and Vicious occurs again. Spike makes it out alive, despite being shot. Gren does not. Gren tells Spike of Julia, and then requests to be put in his ship and sent to Triton. He knows he can't make it there, but he at least wants to be on the way as he fades from this existence.

14 Bohemian Rhapsody

The crew hunts down the mastermind behind a series of high-tech hyperspace gate robberies. It was done as revenge by Chessmaster Hex, who was fired from the transit corporation for bringing to light concern about safety. Meanwhile, Ed plays a week-long chess game with him. The crew tracks him down and discovers he implemented the plan decades ago, and had now become a senile, elderly man who likes to play chess. They leave him be, for the only real villian is the company that chose profits over being humane.

15 My Funny Valentine

Faye encounters a bounty that is actually her ex-lover. He was the first one she saw, years ago, when she awoke amnesiac from a frozen sleep, and a romance followed. It was all a scam though, as he tricked her into taking his debt, leading Faye to develop her suspicious and untrusting nature. After contemplating running away with the liar, she comes to her senses and turns him in.

16 Black Dog Serenade

A riot on a prison ship reunites Jet with a partner from his days with the ISSP. The prisoner in charge is the one responsible for the damage to Jet's arm. Now Jet-the Black Dog-has a score to settle. And once the Black Dog bites, he doesn't let go.

17 Mushroom Samba

The Bebop crash lands on a desert planet. The entire crew, except Ed and Ein, accidently trips out on shrooms for most of the episode. Ed and Ein embark to capture the bounty on this planet, which they do, after causing all types of trouble for everyone else. Driven by hunger, Ed trades the target's freedom for a large suitcase of mushrooms. The normal kind.

18 Speak Like a Child

Faye receives an old video tape. Driven by curiosity, Spike and Jet consult a 20th century fanatic (with funny results) and go to Earth's ruins seeking equipment old enough to play it. It's the recording of young Faye, as a happy beloved child, unaware of her lonely and heart-breaking future. Betamax!

19 Wild Horses

While Spike's away getting his ship overhauled, Jet and the others go after a group of criminals called the 'Starship Pirates,' known for stealing anything and everything. It should be an easy job, but it turns out that they're a group of hackers. Will Spike arrive in time to lend a hand?

20 Pierrot Le Fou

An incredibly creepy episode. The crew hunts Mad Pierrot, a psychotic killing machine from a government experiment gone wrong. Their first battle leaves Spike critically injured. Spike has another showdown with him at an amusement park at night. Mad Pierrot is distracted by Spike's eyes, turns into a baby over a small knife wound, and dies in a haunting scene, rushed by a parade. Jet has a great line: "There is nothing as pure and cruel as a child."

21 Boogie Woogie Feng Shui

Jet meets a young girl investigating the disappearence of her father, who was a friend of Jet's. They uncover clues through her use of feng shui, dodging enemies at the same time. Her father was stuck in hyperspace, fatally. This mystery was to set to allow him to see his daughter one last time.

22 Cowboy Funk

The crew tries to get bounty target Teddy Bomber, but the arrival of Cowboy Andy, a hopelessly idiotic egoist bounty hunter, interferes each time. Spike becomes infuriated, and the two finally face off in a ridiculous battle. In the end, Andy changes his ways... and becomes Samurai Andy.

23 Brain Scratch

Faye goes undercover in a cult to collect the bounty on the cult leader, as the rest of the team tries to find him too. Ein does some perfect hacking. Jet and Ed discover that the cult leader is actually the creation of a kid hacker who became a vegetable through an accident and has been accessing web from his station in the hospital ever since. Spike confronts the "leader" as Edward disconnects him. Spike looks after Faye until she recovers.

24 Hard Luck Woman

Faye recovers her memories and tries to go home. Sadly, her home is destroyed, her family long gone, and her friends have all aged. Meanwhile, Ed finds her father, a cartographer who runs about the planet mapping new craters, leaving Ed at an orphanage. In the end, her father invites her back. Ed and Ein say farewell to the ship, leaving graffiti and a windmill. Meanwhile, Faye returns to the bebop, the only home she has now.

25 The Real Folk Blues, Part One

Faye, still trying to get over the shock of recovering her memory, is out on her own. She meets Julia, the woman from Spike's past, who tells Faye to relay a message to Spike. Will Faye comply?

26 The Real Folk Blues, Part Two

Julia and Spike attempt to run, meeting an old friend who provides them arms. Julia, however, is shot as they flee. After losing her, Spike reveals the nature of his actions to Faye and leave the Bebop for good. He has one last showdown with Vicious. The epic last scene shows him collapsing at syndicate headquarters, as the camera drifts the sky and Blue starts playing...

You're gonna carry that weight.

Some of these descriptions come from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim site, as I have not gotten around to rewatching some episodes yet. They will be replaced as this section is slowly updated.