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what is smt: persona 4?

Shin Megami Tensei is a video game meta series developed by Atlus. Unlike other long-running jRPG series, the SMT series specializes in dark, urban fantasy themes (with a dash of cyberpunk sometimes), instead of traditional medieval settings. Frequent motifs involve demons and magic from all sorts of religious mythology, not favoring any culture in particular. The games also have strong psychological and moral elements, changing the endings depending on the gamer's ethical (or unethical) decisions.

The Persona series is a spin-off of SMT. Each game is a stand alone story. You can jump into any game without any knowledge of its predecessor. The series' speciality is its turn-based battle focusing on utilizing Personae - summon-able beings that are a manifestation of a person's inner aspects. These Personae take on the form of mythological creatures, provide you with various spells and attributes, and be can fused for interesting results.

The series has branched out to anime and manga, as well. Both Persona 3 and Persona 4 have manga adapations with storylines faithful to the original games. There is also an anime side-story series, set in the world of Persona 3, called Persona: Trinity Soul.

Persona 4 has been claimed to be one of the best RPGs on the Playstation2 console, if not THE best. You play a teenage boy who transfer to a small, Japanese town. Soon after your arrival, a string of bizarre kidnappings and murders occur. Can you and your friends solve the myster and stop the killer, all while living the life of an average high-schooler on the side?

who is this character?

Yukiko Amagi is one of the protagonists from the video game, Persona 4. She is a young, teenage girl, living the small town of Inaba. Yukiko appears to be your traditional yamato nadeshiko - smart, respected, pretty, demure, with proud lineage - and she hates it. She's a caged songbird. As the young heir to a famous, historical inn, she feels trapped by the future that has been mapped out for her, with no regard to her own desires. You play as the main character, who can either befriend, romance, or completely ignore Yukiko, and get to know her weird oddities as you both uncover the town's supernatural secret behind its serial killer.

In battle, Yukiko is a strong magic user with an almost endless mana pool. She specializes in fire spells and healing spells. Despite her low physical attack power, her potent magic capabilities makes her a powerful ally for any player who values battle tactics of balanced attack and defense. Her closest battle counterpart is Teddie, who specializes in ice and buffs.

what's your reason?

I chose to adopt this fanlisting because Yukiko was my first "girlfriend" in the first Persona game I played, an experience that would kick off my love for a new favorite RPG megaseries! Specifically, I understood Yukiko because her social link story is something I also had to learn with myself. Being raised in a strict, traditional Asian family, I spent most of my life traveling and trying to get away from being burdened by them. When it finally came time to settle downs towards a real career, I realized that I actually wanted to stay near them and take on the responsibilities they gave me, because they are high up on my values. That's why we come back to our families, not because we are forced to, but because we want to.